Featured Artist: Parker Tinsley

Parker Tinsley is a senior at Neligh-Oakdale Public Schools.  He is currently the featured artist.  Parker has shared with us some information about each of his works of art.  

Oil Painting (Dog)- Using oil paints, thinners, mineral spirits, and linseed oil I made this piece of art. I used all sorts of brushes, paint palettes, and an easel to create this. (Art 4)

Intuitive Painting (Lines and Dots)- Using acrylic paints, and brushes I went directly on to the canvas. Using several brushes: dotting tools to make finer detail. (Art 3)

 Painted Trunk (Starry night)- Using acrylic paints, brushes, and matte board I created this piece. I used an Exacto- knife to cut out the matte board to make it fit where I wanted it to be. I used the leftover matte board to level the background, middle ground, and foreground. (Art History)

Paper Collage (Dog)-Using paper, glue, and old book scrap I created this. I used an Exacto- Knife to cut out fine detail make so shapes will fit, then went over it with Modge Podge at the very end to seal it. (Art History)

Watercolor (Macaw)-Using watercolor paints and watercolor brushes I made this. I used to watercolor cold press paper to paint on. (Art 4)

Pottery (Beehive) - I made this piece of pottery with many tools and clay. I used the coiling technique to build it up to a height then added detail such as the bees to it. Then it got fired once until I glazed it many different colors (Art 2)

Plate (Scooby-doo)- Using acrylic, paints brushes; gesso to coat the plate I made this plate (Art 3)