The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a support group to assist regular education teachers in supplementing instruction for students within their classrooms who are demonstrating a lack of response to the core program and differentiated instruction that is delivered with high fidelity.

Goals of the SAT Team

  1. Define target area of concerns
  2. Gather/review baseline data
  3. State the goal for student improvement
  4. Develop intervention plan
  5. Implement plan with fidelity
  6. Collect data to assess student performance over time
  7. Review data to make data based decisions
  8. Continue the problem solving process as needed

If various interventions are not effective, student may be referred to the Multidisciplinary Team for a special education referral. In addition to teachers referring students to the SAT team, parents may also make a SAT referral for their child. For information, parents may contact a SAT Coordinator.