About Me

I started as Tech Coordinator on August 1, 2014. I had been employed at the Educational Service Unit #8 for the last fifteen years as an asbestos inspector-management planner and technology technician.

I am married to my wife Carey and we have two sons, Blayne who lives in Arlington, SD and Steve who lives on the home place north of Creighton. We live four and half miles north of Creighton.

I have been farming all my life and working a job besides. I worked for a farmer a couple years and then went to Creighton Post and Pipe for 14 years and then started at ESU8. I had taken over the job with asbestos that Jim Dow had been doing and he was the Network Coordinator for ESU8. I started helping him a little bit and it sparked an interest in technology.

I decided to go to Wayne State College in the fall of 2001 and I graduated from there in the fall of 2005 with a bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems.

I was working at Elgin Public School and Elgin Pope John one day a week, Verdigre another as a computer tech. The other two days a week were with asbestos.

I hope to continue what the previous tech coordinator has started here at Neligh-Oakdale Schools and to improve from there. One of my biggest goals is to implement a 1:1 computer initiative and also to have an open door to try and answer any tech questions that a teacher would have. I might not have the answer, but will try to find an answer.