2nd Grade Newsletter article

Second Grade Newsletter - January 2022

Second graders have had a great start to the school year. We have been busy and the students wanted to share with you some of the things they are having fun learning.

Here’s what’s happening in Reading…by Asher Arehart, Caleigh King, Gavin Sieber

“We are practicing tracking our word lists and stories. We are practicing reading smoothly and accurately. We practice using our nicest handwriting when doing independent work and we are enjoying reading passages about real things. Our favorite parts of reading class are that there are lots of pictures in our stories. We also like the word lists because Mrs. Funk lets us teach the words to the class sometimes. We also like the stories. We got to read a story about a toad and make a map!”


Here’s what’s happening in Language…by Hannah Elder, Lena Strom, Kayson Meis

“We are learning the parts of a paragraph: topic sentence, detail sentences, and closing sentence. We are learning to edit our writing looking for capitals and punctuation. Our favorite parts of language class are learning new words we can use in our writing, learning how to write sentences with a subject and a predicate and when to use commas.”


Here's what’s happening in Math…by Jace Hart, Molly Hughes, Brynley Paulsen

“In math we are working on our addition math facts to 18. We are adding money amounts using dimes and pennies and we are skip counting money amounts using dimes, nickels and pennies. We are learning how to tell temperature and we are making a line graph to track our daily temps. Our favorite parts of math class are putting numbers in order from least to greatest, taking math tests, and playing math card games.”


Here’s what’s happening in Science…by Asher Kinnan, Haezlyn McGowen, Palmer Wieneke

“We learned about rocks in science. We learned how to make sand by rubbing rocks together. We learned that silt is smaller than sand and clay is even smaller than silt. We sorted rocks and identified rocks and did some fun experiments with rocks. Our favorite parts of science were making silt out of our sand. We loved rubbing our rocks together and we made pet rocks!”


Here’s what’s happening in Social Studies…by Lane Furstenau, Breckin Hoefer, Haydenn Bazan

“In social studies we have learned about the seven continents and major oceans. We learned our cardinal and intermediate directions and how to make and read a compass rose. Our favorite parts of social studies class are playing the continents and oceans game on our iPads. We made a poster and book of where we fit into our world and Mrs. Funk made a fun review packet for us to do at home to help us learn our map skills.”


Second graders also enjoy their “specials” times. They participate in P.E. with Mr. Davis, Music with Mrs. Sehi, Guidance with Mrs. Kerkman, Library with Mrs. Evans, and Art with Mrs. Pfanstiel. We also have Warrior Time once a week in the classroom where we get to talk about and practice our social skills and how to be problem solvers.

We have many different jobs that we do during the week and everyone takes a turn. Our most important job has been as weekly “flag helpers”. Second graders have been taught flag etiquette and are now in charge of raising and lowering our state and country’s flag daily at school. Students do such a nice job with this and are proud citizens.

Second graders have been practicing their AR reading and are learning some habits of good readers. We love our weekly Seesaw activities on our iPads. It’s a fun way to review and practice our skills.

Second graders have been working on being good Warriors by practicing the “Warrior Way” in school. They are demonstrating how to be responsible, respectful, and positive whether in the classroom, lunchroom, on the playground or even at a school or community event. When we show a warrior trait, we can be awarded points through our PBiS student reward system. We can then turn those points in for prizes in our school store. We take pride in being students at Neligh-Oakdale Schools and are having a fantastic year!