3rd graders

Our teachers and students 

By: Lilly Torres, Tyson Jessen, Savannah Schindler, & Eliel Maquez

Our teachers are Mrs. Koinzan and Mrs. Ahlers. They are very positive. Mrs. Koinzan loves pigs and has a lot of pigs everywhere in her classroom. We tried to count them and keep finding more.  Mrs. Ahlers loves her dog Daisy because she is so cute! Mrs. Koinzan loves teaching math so much and so does Mrs. Ahlers. 

There are 27 third grade students. Lilly and Savannah are in Mrs. Ahlers’ reading group. Tyson is in Mrs. Koinzan’s, and Eliel is in Mrs. Loofe’s. Second quarter almost everyone made their math fact and AR goals. We were all excited to move to the Eastward building. It has a lot bigger playground and gym. It is so big it can be like a maze. We work hard to be Positive, Respectful, and Responsible. We love school! 

The Warrior Way, Shout Outs, and House Groups 

By: Claire Pickrel, Evelyn Wingate, & Michael See

The Warrior Way expectations are to be Respectful, Responsible, and Positive. You can do this by… doing your work. Being respectful to your classmates, friends, and your school. Picking up trash around your school and in the hallway. Raising your hand. Doing the right thing- even when no one is looking. Believing you can and you will. Everybody is equal. Dream big and be creative. You are special just the way you are. Everyone is perfect. Be a WARRIOR! When you follow the Warrior Expectations you get Warrior points. We turn them in every week and get to buy things. We can buy things like treasure items, homework passes, fancy pens, eating in the classroom, or getting a treat. 

We have Warrior House Groups with the elementary and high school students. We get to do fun stuff. We’ve played games, had relays, made crafts, and played BINGO. Every Friday teachers give Warrior Shout-Outs. We sit with our house groups for this too. Teachers give a special shout-out to kids who did great things being respectful, responsible, and positive. The student stands up and everyone gives them a Warrior Clap. 

Reading, Language Arts, & Cursive

By: Olivia Mortensen, Lexy Tillema, Aiden Boggs, & Walker Jacob 

Our reading teachers are Mrs. Ahlers, Mr. Eickholt, Mrs. Koinzan, and Mrs. Loofe. Mrs. Ahlers’ reading group is reading about the famous animal trainer. Mrs. Loofe’s reading group is learning our word banks that talk. Mrs. Koinzan’s reading group is learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, dinosaurs, whirlpools, and ships. Mr. Eickholt’s reading group is reading a biography about Jackie Robinson. 

In Language Arts we are learning about literary devices like similes, metaphors, and our favorite onomatopoeias. We have been learning what makes a complete sentence which are a capital letter, a subject, a predicate, and punctuation. We also learned cursive writing.We finished the alphabet before Christmas break and now have to write everything in cursive for the rest of the year. Some of us are very excited about it, but others are not. 

Math & Fact Parties

By: Chase Pickrel, Saydee Shabram, & Jace Flenniken

     Math is a fun subject! You have to focus to be good at math. We do one hundred fact worksheets that are kind of hard but are fun. We learn how to count by 7’s, 3’s and quarters. We learned how to write numbers in words. You also learn about gallons, half-gallons, quarts, pints, and cups. 

You have to make your Math Fact goal every quarter - 1st quarter is addition, 2nd quarter is subtraction, 3rd quarter is multiplication, and 4th quarter is division. If you make your goal, you get to go to the AR/Math Fact party. We do games at the party and we like games! Math is very fun. We hope you like math as much as we do!

Science & Social Studies

By: Memphis Stenka, Owen Morrison, & Tenley Pofahl

     In Science, we have talked about magnets, forces, and gravity. In one of our investigations, we worked with the magnetic field of a magnet. A paper clip stayed in the air without touching the magnet! We worked with a wheel and axle system. We built wheels and axles out of straws and different sized wheels. We learned that wheels go fast if there’s a lot of weight and slow with less weight. If the wheels are different sizes, the system will wobble. 

     Social Studies is sometimes a look into the past. Everyone has different ways of living different traditions. This year, we have learned about other cultures, how to read a map and how to use a compass rose, how to identify the continents and oceans, and human and physical features of our area. We are learning about saving and spending our money right now. We have learned about the 60/30/10 rule. You spend 60% of your money on your needs, you save 30% of your money, and 10% of your money goes to giving/charity. 

Our Specials- PE, Music, & Guidance 

By: Braxton Boggs, Nash Longsdorf, Hayden Funk, & Cooper Jacob 

PE is amazing! Mr. Davis is our PE coach. Our favorite games are Bears in the Wood, Cricket, and Matball. Sometimes when it is nice outside we get to go outside. Music is also awesome. We had a Christmas concert four weeks ago. If we have time after all the songs in music we play a game on our IPads call Blooket. It tests us on our music notes and the words to the Star Spangled Banner in a fun way. We can be on teams or compete against each other.

Our guidance teacher is named Mrs. Kerkman. She teaches us a lot about trying our best, having a growth mindset, and zones of control. She also announces the Warrior Shout-Outs every Friday. She is also the student council teacher. Student council is very fun. You get to plane parties, go red ribbon shopping, and volunteer at the Orphan Grain Train. There are 5 third graders on the Student Council. 

Art, Library, & Keyboarding

By: Alicen Dewey, Skylar Thomas, & Jayden Sauser

Keyboarding - Our keyboarding teacher is Mrs. Evans. She is kind and nice. We have been learning about how to type nicely and how to use a computer. She taught us home row. It is the best place in the school. 

Library - Our library teacher is Mrs. Evans. She is a really good library teacher. She is good at reading us stories. She has taught us about the parts of a book and a story. She has a good library. There are a lot of books in the library. That is the best place in the school.

Art - Our art is Mrs. Phanstiel. She is the best art teacher. She is the best art teacher in the whole world! She teaches a lot of good stuff like textures, different kinds of lines, drawing self-portraits, and drawing animals. We are happy that she is our art teacher and her classroom is one of the best places in the school! Also, her art is the best!

Our Third Graders

By: Mrs. Koinzan & Mrs. Ahlers 

It is hard to believe we are already halfway through the school year. We have really enjoyed this class. They are very kind, hard working, and almost always are wonderful examples of the Warrior Way! We have enjoyed teaching cursive, having cooking days with the high schoolers, conducting research projects, joining pep rallies, and participating in monthly House Activities. As we look in the future, we are excited about our upcoming field trips to Thiele Dairy in Clearwater and the Omaha Zoo.